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I would like to take a moment to introduce my company, Country Tile, in the hope of laying the foundation for strong relationships


Country Tile is based out of Delanson, New York, and works chiefly within the Albany area. However, we pride ourselves in being flexible, and we use that flexibility to build lasting relationships with our clients based on efficiency and reliability.


Our tile installers have more than a decade of experience and are equally prepared to handle residential and commercial projects. No matter how large or small the job, we stand behind the excellence of our work. Ceramic, porcelain, marble, or stone, we do it all without compromising on quality or schedule.


Country Tile might seem like a small business next to some of the other tile installers in our region, but we believe that the high quality of our work gives us a compelling platform for growth. Our pursuit of excellence has created many opportunities for our clients, and we hope to extend and multiply those opportunities by building relationships with our customers.


So, when you think tile, we hope you think Country Tile. In addition, when your next big project comes along, we will be pleased to offer you a face-to-face estimate, working together to keep costs low and quality high so that our companies can grow together. It is all part of our mission to


- Support the businesses that form the backbone of our region

- Provide high-quality work for every project, large or small

- Guarantee unforgettable service

- Build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with others in our community




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